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The path to professionality and experience requires thoughtful learning and determination. We’ll guide you on your quest for knowledge as you navigate the competitive waters of this demanding field.

Clinical practice & Hands on

It is important to learn by doing, so eventually, this information becomes knowledge and later wisdom. As dentists, this essential learning style is exactly what you need to develop your skills & clinical sense

Live demos & Workshops

Watch the whole process and have some practice before hands on

Experienced instructors

We gathered a huge list of professionals and experts to nourish your brain with beneficial information that you can build on. Our instructors will help you with comprehensive knowledge of your particular area of study theoretically and practically.

Tailor the course that perfectly fits your needs!

Tailored Courses, our latest venture. Construct your own study plan and breakthrough your field by increasing your absorbance of critical information.

Online courses

Listen, see, and ask the instructor from anywhere at the actual session time and take the clinical practice and hands on will be condensed in Cairo at the end of the diploma

SPC, it seems impossible until you do it.

Welcome to the Science Palace Academy. Welcome to those who believe in the power of dreams, who would like to join us and explore the mysteries of dentistry and walk beyond the edge of the light to reach what others missed.

To raise the standards of learning and reach what suites your demands, we provide live videos, articles, books, talks, and fully online courses with the pioneers in the dental field all over the world.

Our certificates approved from:

  • American Dental Association (ADA).
  • Leeds Academy in the UK.
  • Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Embassies of different countries.

We work hard to prepare every student
for the adult life.

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Certified dental photographer from Birmingham University

DBA (Belford University-USA) MBA (Graduate School of Business – AAST )...

Academy Advantages

You will not only get the Real Hands-on program but also you will receive a real coaching by experienced consultants not just trainers.



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